Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Well as it turns out I searching blogs about metal on blogspot here, and noticed I had an account, which I found pretty strange, and so knowning someone was probably this || close to posting a blog called Sronpop, I knew I had to get there first, since like, I am Sronpop, and it wouldn't be fair to all my faithful peeps out there (you know who you are) to let an imposter Sronpop out their posting as the real Sronpop. Fortunately that is not the case, as I can assure you this is the real Sronpop.

Now begins this weird and wonderful journey called blogging. It's going to be a wild journey peeps, lots of ups and downs, maybe some across, definately some highs, but no fucking backwards. I hate you reverse, you are the worst of all directions, GTFO.

And with that bombshell, I bid you fairwell, untill my next blog that is, which co-incidentally, I am going to write now.


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